Our mission

To help businesses and people build and scale design teams around the world through empathy, passion and integrity, using our network, skills and industry knowledge.

Meet the founders

Tom Cotterill is best known for his collaborative content in the design and recruitment community. Having worked with inspirational digital leaders in all corners of the world, his core strengths lie in his ability to connect with people and helping them to share their stories.

Lauren Kelly is an experience designer with a real passion for building teams and nurturing the careers of the people around her. Having built teams in agencies through to large corporates, her passion lies in empowering the people around her to unlock the possibilities of collaboration.

Our Principles

Fearless was founded on 5 key principles that we follow in all of our touchpoints.

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Defy expectations

We are dedicated to going above and beyond, excelling expectations.

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Make sh*t happen

We are action driven and take pride in seeing the power of our results.

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Be Human

People are the priority over profits and we will always do the right thing by the people we interact with.

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Be fearless

We make the bold, strategic moves to drive a positive purposeful change.

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