September 14, 2019

Can you be a UX Designer after a 10-week course?

The UX industry is torn on boot camps. I have clients who’ll not hire from bootcamps and some who rave and would take a bootcamp graduate over a university student. The short answer to the… Continue Reading

September 14, 2019

Can you be an effective UX practitioner working remotely?

Can you be an effective UX Designer working remotely? “As long as you can reach your users remotely and are still able to communicate with your team — yes. From my personal experience, it’s possible… Continue Reading

August 20, 2019 Featured Post

How to build a UX portfolio

As a UX recruiter, my role involves not just identifying and developing tech talent, but also following the industry closely; going to events, workshops, creating communities and attending conferences to make sure I’m in a… Continue Reading